06. Dystopia due to Immigration

Dystopia map visualise planets of each country that were made by generating abbreviation code into pattern and further 3D manipulations.
Critical issue: Ukraine is faced with the problem of serious level emigration from the country.Ukraine holds 5th position in the world in immigration chart. In the years to come, migration pressure from Ukraine is more likely to increase than not, resulting in migration, irregular migration and in the worst case even refugee flows. The EU and its member states might soon find themselves in a position where they need to deal with increased migration or even refugee flows from Ukraine. This visualisation is current dystopia - imaginary universe of Ukrainian people who immigrated to the other countries. Each country is a world with its unique pattern created from code that separates countries from each other. This visualisation shows seven main countries and amount of Ukrainian citizens who migrated to there at present time.

3m x 70cm

f i n a l   m a p   d e t a i l