когда мы перестали быть братьями

This project is based on sudden endless conflict - Ukraine vs Russia vs whole world. Comparison of news related to the conflict. The most discussed of them will be selected and analyzed. Where is the truth and where lie? Who is right and who is not? Or maybe all based on brainwashing strategy? eventually you yourself determine for what to believe.

A public russian ukrainian opinion on political matters (calendar)

War on ass infront of screens. When all of the most ‘clever’ people decided to solve conflict online. Wondering how our society roll into some chasm, and why people who were one became bitter enemies. This Calendar is based on several pro Russian and pro Ukrainian blogs where every news is under discussion. Calendar starts from conflict has began up to now. Each page contain comment with opinion from one of the side in conflict. Rudeness, cleverness and absurdity.

C A L E N D A R friendship is over ;( POLITICAL TENDERNESS