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GADA manifesto

In our world of endless freedom in the age of internet where all possible visual languages come together and loose their primar semiotics. It creates new impressions which makes us wonder what does it actually say. Dada is a great example of created nonsense with a concept which actually make sense. As a protest to nowadays unorganised visual pollution my aim is to organise meaningless online stream that will be tied to a grid and the non existing words and sound interpretations will make sense. Invert visual alternative of today's triteness into subject that make sense.

Analog printing Visual alternative of todays triteness Сreate sense in a meaningless stream of words Structure in the grid

*** this is going to be one of those nights this is going to be big this is going to hurt i am bored i am beyonce i am become death *** my brain is vibrating my brain is very slow my brain is on vocation my brain vs the world *** how many fools can i kill today how many friends *** i am looking for a job i am looking for a miracle i am looking for a new opportunity because i am looking for an honest man i like turtles i like to move it i like my monsters rare *** i am a legend i am a leaf on the wind watch how i soar i am a little teapot i am a loser *** to be loved is to be known to be loved is to be destroyed to be loved is to see the face of god ** I used to be warrior like you I used to know star wars *** but the bear has heart of gold but the tigers come at night but the blood but the absence of the light is necessary part *** i am the good sister or evil one i am the god of hellfire i am good shepherd *** where is my mind where am i where is chuck norris where the wild roses grow *** they all laughed they all hate us they all float down here they all asked for you *** I can’t gat high i can’t get hard i can’t get her out of my mind *** my inner things are flat my inners chest won’t grow my inner machinations of my mind are an enigma my inner burning *** I crave raw meat i crave red meat i crave romance *** perhaps i had a wicked childhood perhaps i have changed since then perhaps i have special anus perhaps i have the strength after all *** the end of history the end justifies the means the end of the internet the end of history beer *** and the snakes start to sing and the mountains echoed and we dance *** there is no present for future there is no need to be upset there is no spoon there is no god there is no try *** see the bigger picture see the beauty in everything see the ball feel the ball be the ball see the bombers fly up *** i need my own place i need my own room i need my own country *** let the right one in let the bodies hit the floor let the sunshine in let the good times roll *** we emerge as they fade away we empty rooms we emergency we embrace saturdays *** I can be your hero baby i can break these cuffs i can be your queen bee i can be the one *** i know a vampire i know a valley my secret valley i know avril lavigne *** can a ghost follow you home can a ghost hurt you can a ghost fall in love with a human can a ghost touch you **** that day i cut my throat that day i wore yoga pants that day i’ll always remember *** you must be born again you must be a basketballplayer you must be fun at parties you must be swift as a coursing river

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